PLP regularly submits responses to consultations and government policy proposals which fall within areas relevant to our core objectives.  So our policy work largely falls under the focus areas of access to judicial review, legal aid, benefit sanctions, Brexit and online courts.  Our policy work is informed by, and informs , our research work.  PLP also regularly advises NGOs, campaign groups and civil society to assist with legally informed responses to policy and policy proposals.  You can read about how we work with such groups, here.

Using specialist legal advice to inform policy

PLP’s Legal Director advised the children’s charity Article 39 about the lawfulness of the controversial “innovation clauses” in the Children and Social Work Bill 2016. The clauses would have allowed the Government to exempt local authorities from their statutory duties to vulnerable children in order to “test new ways of working”.  Article 39 used PLP’s advice to inform its successful advocacy and campaigning around the clauses which were defeated in the House of Lords and dropped by the Government when the Bill returned to the Commons.

You will find all our policy papers, consultation responses and briefings in our Resource Library in the section specifically for this work, here.

You can read our impact reports detailing previous PLP work, including significant policy work, here.