The Public Law Project has produced a further briefing regarding measures in Part 4 of the Criminal Justice & Courts Bill relating to judicial review.

The briefing paper addresses key proposals within the Bill, explains the current position, the effect of the proposals, highlights considerations and suggests amendments. It can be viewed at

PLP has also produced a briefing paper on the Richard III case, which has been used by the Lord Chancellor to justify some of the measures within the Bill. The paper debunks some of the myths surrounding the case, and can be viewed at

The Criminal Justice & Courts Bill has just passed the second reading stage in the House of Lords. It will reach committee stage in the Lords on 14 July 2014. You can view the progress of the Bill here.

These briefings follow on from previous PLP briefings regarding the Bill:

A paper to support PLP’s evidence to the Public Bill Committee on 13 March 2014, debunking Government assertions that the number of judicial review cases are “out of control” is here. You can view the oral evidence here.

PLP’s previous briefing from March 2014 for Parliamentarians from March 2014 is here , and briefing for CSOs and individuals is here.