The Public Law Project has released briefing papers for Parliamentarians and civil society organisations (CSO’s) on the judicial review reforms included in the Criminal Justice & Courts Bill currently being debated in Parliament. Judicial review is a vital tool to hold public bodies to account, and the effect of the Bill would serve to insulate unlawful executive action from judicial scrutiny.

The briefings detail the specifics of PLPs concern regarding the bill and suggest necessary amendments to the Bill.

You can find PLP briefings for Parliamentarians and lawyers here, together with proposed amendments to the Bill. PLP will be giving evidence to the Commons on 13 March 2014.

PLPs briefing for CSO’s and concerned individuals is here.

The Criminal Justice & Courts Bill is currently in the committee stage in the House of Commons. You can find the Bill here.

PLP responded in detail to the Government’s consultation on these proposals. The consultation document is here. PLP’s response is here. In addition PLP gave evidence to the Joint Committee on Human Rights inquiry into the implications of the proposals. PLPs evidence to the inquiry  is here. The government’s  evidence is here.