PLP are representing the Joint Council for the Welfare of Immigrants (JCWI)  – a small charity who promote migrants’ rights in the UK.  With our help, JCWI have issued a claim challenging Brexit-related changes to the Immigration Rules. The claim focuses on the inconsistencies between who the Government said would be excluded from the UK after Brexit, and the much wider group who will actually be excluded because of how the Government have drafted the new Rules. JCWI asked the Government to address the inconsistency and lack of transparency about what they are doing, but they have refused to do so. So today JCWI have served their legal claim on the Government, and are now waiting for the court’s decision as to whether they can proceed with their claim. Any press enquiries should be directed to JCWI: or on 0207 553 7469 or 07739 39 62 80.

Notes: The Public Law Project (PLP) is an independent national legal charity. PLP’s mission is to improve public decision-making and facilitate access to justice. We work through a combination of research and policy work; training, conferences and second-tier support; and legal casework including public interest litigation. Our strategic objectives include promoting and safeguarding the Rule of Law; ensuring fair systems for public decision making; and improving access to justice. PLP takes no position on the UK’s decision to leave the European Union. Our work around Brexit is intended to ensure that Brexit is a democratic success and Parliamentary sovereignty is strengthened; that the interests of disadvantaged groups are properly and effectively represented; and to ensure procedural fairness to those likely to be most affected by the Brexit process.