An introduction to public law

This introductory guide explains what public law is, with sections on consultations,

complaints procedures and ombudsman schemes, stature appeals and judicial review.

An introduction to judicial review
(Note this guide is awaiting an imminent update!)Headings in PLP’s guide include:

  • What is judicial review?
  • Whose decisions can be challenged by judicial review?
  • Who can bring a judicial review?
  • Alternatives to judicial review
  • Time limits and advice
  • What are the grounds for judicial review?
  • The approach of the Administrative Court
  • What can the court do?
  • The procedure for applying for judicial review

You may also wish to consult the following external resources on Judicial Review:

Making an effective complaint to a public body

A short guide to making an effective complaint to a public body , though many of the tips could also be used in making a complaint to a commercial or non-profit body.

Headings include:Getting Started

  • Making your complaint
  • Tips for gettting results
  • After you have made your complaint