PLP’s working method is predicated on effective partnership with other NGOs and advice agencies, where PLP can provide legal expertise to assist disadvantaged groups.

For example, your organisation may have concerns that a policy is adversely impacting on your clients , and may be unfair, discriminatory or unlawful in some way.  PLP may be able to help in multiple ways, such as:

You will find examples of how we have helped other organisations by reading our case studies.

PLP is funded by Lankelly Chase on a project providing legal advice to their grantees.  The project is also looking at how legal intervention can effect systems change. You can read about this project here.

Virtually all of PLP’s current projects involve team working with other charities and NGOs, such as:

On these pages, as well as our other project pages, you will find project contacts if you want more information.  If you are unsure which project, if any, your inquiry falls under please contact Adrian Lukes at


PLP always offers discounted rates to NGOs and charities for our training and conferences.

Additionally, we are often approached by organisations seeking bespoke training. We may be able to provide this, depending on funding, capacity and whether it can fit under our current priorities.  If you are interested in bespoke or targeted training please contact Adrian Lukes at



There are many guides, reports, case notes and conference papers that your organisation may find useful in our resources section.